The Microsemi PDS-208G Digital Ceiling Switch

Bringing together lighting, building automation, sensors, and other technologies as a centralized system is part of the ever-expanding push to a smart Internet of Things (IoT) environment. A benefit… to this type of environment is that the data gathered from the network can provide analytics that not only drive down maintenance and electricity costs, but also make the building more comfortable for its occupants. For example, the temperature of a room can be regulated and controlled based on motion detectors; it can be determined when a room is empty or full. In addition to the temperature of a room, a digital ceiling switch can control lighting, security cameras, Wi-Fi access points, and more.

Microsemi PoE Switches PDS-208G

Let’s talk about more specifically about network-powered lighting systems. The smart lighting market is expected to reach $19.47B by 2022, driven by the growing consumer demand for energy efficient lighting systems*. The gradual price reduction of LED components, as well as low maintenance costs and lower power consumption are driving the growth of LED light sources within the smart lighting market. Industry growth can be attributed to rapid infrastructure and building activities.

These lighting systems are powered by digital ceiling switches that are ideal for the “smart building.” Important design factors include:

• Silent operation—no distracting fan noise
• Reliable—highly efficient power supply
• Flexible installation—ceiling mounts preserve space

Benefits of these switches include:

• The ability to leverage standard LAN infrastructure
• Lower installation and operating costs
• Remote management
• Simplified installation
• Ability to use PoE

Microsemi’s PDS-208G PoE fanless digital ceiling switch is optimally designed for the smart building. In addition to incorporating the design factors described and providing the benefits noted, the PDS-208G offers cost savings by:

• Eliminating the need to separate data and power infrastructures (through PoE)
• Saving through energy efficiency (Green PoE)
• Lower installation and operating expenses
• Competitively pricing

Additionally, there is a 3-year warranty period on the product.

Microsemi’s PDS-208G high-power PoE switch, exclusively designed for the digital ceiling, provides both connectivity and power.

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*Markets and Markets: Smart Lighting Market Worth $19.46B USD by 2022.

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