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UCSD Non-Volatile Memory Workshop – Paving the Way for Persistent Main-Memory

Author: Stephen Bates (@stepbates)

Recall from my last blog that I have a mantra – Let’s stop thinking about NVM as fast storage and start thinking about itTower as (slow) memory! Well it seems I am not alone in that thinking, as this premise was very well represented at the NVM Workshop organized by two of the research groups at UCSD.

PMC had the pleasure of being a Platinum Sponsor at this year’s event and I always consider this to be the technical counter-point to Flash Memory Summit. The event is a lot smaller than FMS but more technically orientated with a nice mix of industrial and academic speakers. I have been attending for three years now and always find it a great place to catch up on people’s research and meet graduate students (who might be persuaded to come work for PMC).

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Why Standards Matter

Author: Jeremiah TusseyTower

We may not think about them often, but technical standards impact most aspects of our daily lives. Gasoline refined in California will work in a car engine built in Japan. Your phone charger plugs into an outlet in your office just as easily as into an outlet in a hotel room. And your bank card works in ATMs in Texas, Ohio, Florida, or wherever.

The storage industry has its own set of technical standards, and PMC is actively involved in the initiatives and communities that lead to the development of standardized feature-sets. Additionally, we regularly participate in test events to prove out our latest silicon, boards, and firmware to ensure proper protocol operation in open environments.

Our leadership and input have led to cutting-edge PMC innovations, better interoperability with other vendors and happy customers.

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