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What’s the Value of an Airway?

Author: Tom SunTower

Hong Kong is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in. Over there, one million dollars can buy you a 200 square foot home. In a recent AWS-3 spectrum auction in the US, AT&T spent $18.2 billion for a nationwide 20 MHz airway. The same one million dollars can rent you 1KHz of licensed spectrum for a few years. Why are operators spending so much money to secure the rights to send some electromagnetic pulses through the air?

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What is an Archive Drive Anyway?

Guest Author: Per Brashers, Founder, Yttibrium LLCYttibrium
A consultancy focused on efficient storage and computing


Cold Storage Demystified

Most of the Internet Moguls have been asking for a longer service life. This may be a MTBF of 3,000,000 going to 4,000,000 or a warrantee of 7 years. Either way there are some tricky bits to deal with when talking about an archive class hard drive. The point of this article is to understand what are the top factors that are important to a ColdStorage system.

If you just want to jump to the conclusions, there is a section at the end for that, as well as the asks for both providers and consumers.

While still at Facebook, I coined a phrase, ColdStorage. I also regret coining the term ColdFlash, but more on that later..

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