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SNIA NVM Summit: NVDIMMs, Programming Models and Next-Generation Non-Volatile Memory

Author: Stephen Bates (@stepbates)

On January 20, 2015, I had the pleasure of attending the SNIA NVM Summit in San Jose, California. This was a great event, and kudos to SNIA and Intel for putting it together. The event was very well attended by a who’s who of the NVM world.  There were a lot of great panels and presentations covering three main themes:SNIA

1.   NVDIMMs. NVDIMMs have been around for some time but have had issues with motherboard compatibility and OS support. It is clear that, while issues still remain, support is improving. I will be doing a more in-depth blog on NVDIMMs soon, where I will delve into them in a lot more detail and compare them to current alternatives, such as our Flashtec NVRAM card.

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Open Source Paves New Roads to Advanced Server, Networking, Storage and Acceleration Technology

Author: Dave BerryPMC Data Centers

Since announcing our involvement in Canonical’s Ubuntu OpenStack Interoperability Lab in November of last year, PMC has also recently joined the OpenPOWER Foundation, an open development community that promotes the collaborative development of hardware and software based on IBM’s next-generation POWER microprocessor architecture.

The traction being gained by the open source movement is evident here. Just as individuals are embracing open source as a chance to participate in a revolution, so are leading companies like Google, Rackspace and even tech companies from China. The promise of cross-company innovation and the ability to influence the direction that the movement will take are opportunities that are too valuable to pass up.

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