Can You Optimize Your Data Center Storage for Capacity AND Performance? With Adaptec by PMC Solutions, YES!

Author: Dave BerryIT technician in network server room

I would probably need a data center to help me keep track of how many data centers I’ve visited across the globe. But no matter where they’re located, or what market they serve, they all have a common mission: to do more with less at the highest performance.

Businesses and consumer demand for fast, reliable and secure access to data and content is skyrocketing, forcing data centers to add more and more storage capacity and maintain the high performance that their customers expect.

The problem is figuring out how to handle more data without compromising performance or drastically increasing the infrastructure’s footprint. Remember how easy it once was to just throw more servers at the problem? Those days are gone. With real estate priced at a premium, most of the companies I’ve talked to are unwilling (or unable) to pay for more physical space, not to mention the costs of powering and cooling the additional space. Large data centers are just not cheap – they can cost billions!

To address this need, storage server vendors have introduced denser chassis sizes that help data centers add more storage I/O capability while maintaining the same or a smaller space, power, and cooling footprint. Likewise, storage I/O vendors are focusing on small form-factor solutions that fit into these higher density chassis without sacrificing performance or connectivity density.

When it’s time to implement small form-factor solutions in your data center, work with proven vendors and stay mindful of the form, fit and function of the components you choose. This is important because choosing the right configuration will help streamline the purchase decision, installation, maintenance and future upgrades.

Adaptec by PMC storage adapter and expander solutions are based on PMC silicon with industry-leading port density.  For example, PMC’s controller silicon integrates 16 ports of SATA/SAS onto a single die.  Adaptec by PMC’s highly integrated storage solutions enable up to 50% less power compared to alternative multi-chip solutions.  They’re also optimized for high performance SSDs and HDDs using PMC’s world-class PHY/SERDES technology, enabling data center designers to optimize for both capacity and performance.

If you’re the DIY type, you could build a high-density, high-performance storage system in just a few hours using Adaptec Series 8 RAID adapters and off-the-shelf components from industry-leading Adaptec ecosystem partners, including Microsoft, Intel, OCZ (Now Toshiba), Seagate, and SuperMicro.

Or, you could simplify the process by purchasing a turnkey or built-to-order system from preferred Adaptec Distributors, System Integrators and Resellers who also use Series 8 RAID adapters and other off-the-shelf components.

Future-proofing your data center in anticipation of ever-increasing customer demands relies on installing storage solutions that offer extreme density and extreme performance. That begins with choosing the right components from the right vendors.

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