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A Data Center Fast Lane for Large Files

Author: Dave Berry

Big Block Bypass Mode Improves QoS for Scale out Storage

After commuting in Silicon Valley for a few decades now, I can really appreciate all of the techniques that the IT industry has invented to improve Quality of Service (QoS) for data center infrastructure.Truck After all, in the data center, like on our roadways, ever-increasing scale and density are the mother of all invention!

As an early Hybrid Toyota Prius adopter, I was able to use the carpool lane and laughed at everyone else while flying by and getting to work three times faster due to my privileged driving and the improved the overall QoS I was experiencing. Rules change with technology advancements; now I watch the new electric cars cruise by in my former spot, and it’s painfully clear that big trucks cause the bottlenecks, so maybe the solutions is to let them have the car pool lane!

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Where will the next optical network innovation appear?

Guest Author: Stephen Hardy, Editorial Director, Lightwave

With bandwidth demand growing continuously, optical communications must assume an even more central role in carrier, enterprise, and data center networks alike. Yet merely addressing capacity requirements isn’t enoughLightwave to meet the needs of the network manager. Optical technology must become less expensive, less power hungry, more efficient, more flexible, and more economical to deploy. That means innovation in fiber optics – and in the electronics that support optical transmission – is more important than ever.

To explore where this innovation is needed, what it must look like, and when we might see it, Lightwave has created the Lightwave Optical Innovation Summit, which will take place this July 14-16 in Austin, TX.

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