Track multiple GNSS Constellations for Peace-of-Mind

Multi-GNSS constellation technology has become a standard capability for most GNSS receivers. In an uncertain world of GNSS jamming, spoofing, and geo-political unrest, the ability to track multiple GNSS constellations can provide one more bit of operational peace-of-mind. While there are no guarantees, multi-GNSS tracking is a way of reducing the risk of depending entirely on one GNSS constellation alone.Read more »

Maggie Ford | November 12, 2020

Protect Your Critical Infrastructure from GNSS Spoofing and Jamming

While the use of GNSS based time has become more vital for critical infrastructure operations, the security of the GNSS signal itself has become increasingly vulnerable to a wide range of jamming and spoofing threats, both intentional and unintentional. Given the inherently fragile nature of the GNSS signal, an important way Read more »

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Greg Wolff | November 21, 2019

FMS 2019: The Composable Platform – Enabling Innovation Through Flexible Infrastructure

Data centers have the formidable task of improving operating efficiency and maximizing their IT investments in hardware infrastructure in the face of evolving and varied application requirements. Last year alone, data centers worldwide spent well over a $140B on server and storage infrastructure, yet still do not operate at peak efficiency. Read more »

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Andrew Dieckmann | September 25, 2019

Can FlexE Close The Gap Between What Networks Require and The Ethernet Rates That Are Standardized?

Flexible Ethernet, or FlexE, originated to solve challenges and inefficiencies in today’s packet and transport networks by providing flexibility and higher capacity, while also enabling the optimal usage of new technologies such as highly flexible coherent optical transmission. Read more »

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Kevin So | July 26, 2019

NTP Time Servers: Is it IRIG or iRig? No Matter, Innovations are Happening with Both

Invariably, things change. Profound I know, but even in the world of the venerable IRIG timecode there is a new search engine contender, iRig. Granted, a new guitar interface adapter for your smart phone app is a far cry from a waveform used to synchronize instrumentation, but even in IRIG there are revolutionary changes happening. Read more »

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Paul Skoog | May 22, 2019

High-Power PoE

The proliferation of Wi-Fi-based devices, together with the growing number of data-intensive mobile applications, has created an astounding demand for powerful wireless Wi-Fi access points, 3G/4G/5G small cells, and wireless backhaul equipment. These require fast and cost-effective installations, as well as secure, reliable power sources. Read more »

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Helder Resende | May 21, 2019

IEEE 802.3bt is Now a Standard

After five years of work by Microchip and other industry leading vendors, the highly anticipated IEEE 802.3bt 4-pair PoE standard is officially released.

What’s next? Read more »

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Shahar Feldman | December 6, 2018

Power over Ethernet (PoE) for Digital Ceiling Video

Internet of things (IoT) and energy efficiency continue to be the key drivers for smart lighting systems. The Microsemi digital ceiling switch enables the network-powered LED luminaires to enter the world of IoT in the most energy-efficient manner possible. Read more »

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Shruti Usgaonkar | December 4, 2018

Superior Data-at-Rest Encryption

According to IDC’s recently released predictionsby 2022, 50% of servers will encrypt data at rest and in-motion. Data security has become one of the highest priorities for data centers and cloud computing environments as they seek to safeguard customer information, classified company documentation and communications, Read more »

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Dave Steele | December 3, 2018

Power over Ethernet Bridges the Gap Between Digital Ceiling and Smarter Building

The right PoE technology delivers Layer 2 management while ensuring uninterrupted performance and power efficiency.

Demand is growing for digital ceiling applications, which include Read more »

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Galit Mendelson | November 30, 2018

Network Time Servers: Is Security Hardening Disclosure a Roadmap for Exploitation?

I think we would agree the publishing of Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) is a very useful mechanism to collectively evolve and harden our networks and products. It starts the timer, if you will, on a race between the black hats and organizations to respectively exploit or neutralize the CVE. Read more »

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Paul Skoog | November 26, 2018

Optimized for SDS, Cold Storage, and raw High-Performance Connectivity

From enterprise servers using internalized data storage, to data centers using external data storage, the Microsemi Adaptec HBA 1100 family provides a robust, stable, and scalable solution that can handle the toughest system workloads and configurations.Read more »

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Dave Steele | November 19, 2018