Demonstration Platform Developed to Showcase the LX7730 Telemetry Controller and the RTG4 FPGA

Microsemi has developed a demonstration platform that showcases the LX7730 telemetry controller and the RTG4 FPGA, reading and processing data from six sensors located on a companion board. Read more »

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Ken O'Neill | July 18, 2018

Improving Space Systems Designs Using FPGAs with RISC-V Cores

The April 2018 edition of SatNews magazine published an article by Ted Marena and Ken O’Neill from Microsemi that discussed the advantages of using processors based upon the RISC-V open instruction set architecture. The article looks at Read more »

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Ken O'Neill |

Microsemi: Providing Leading-Edge ASIC IC Design for Leading Aerospace Companies

Microsemi has over 20 years of mixed-signal custom IC design experience with leading aerospace companies. We are a leading ASIC manufacturer of analog embedded systems that include solutions Read more »

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Dorian Johnson | July 17, 2018

Radiation Testing for the RTG4 FPGA Family: First Proton Report on RTG4 Flip-Flops and More Available

As radiation testing for the RTG4 FPGA family continues, we now have the first proton test report available. This proton testing was performed in February 2018 on RTG4 flip-flops, LSRAM, uSRAM, and PLLs. Read more »

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Ken O'Neill | July 16, 2018

Ceramic Quad Flat Pack (CQFP) for RTG4 FPGAs Family Introduced – Provides Cost-Effective Integration

A ceramic quad flat pack (CQFP) package with 352 pins was recently introduced for RTG4 FPGAs family to provide a more cost-effective integration than higher pin count packages. CQFP is the industry-standard package for space applications Read more »

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Minh Nguyen | July 15, 2018

RTG4 High-Speed Signal Processing Radiation-Rolerant FPGA Family Achieves QML Class Q Qualification

Microsemi is delighted to announce that our RTG4 high-speed signal processing radiation-tolerant FPGA family has achieved Qualified Manufacturers List (QML) Class Q qualification by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). This qualification validates Read more »

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Ken O'Neill | July 13, 2018

The Connected Home: Reverse Power Feed (RPF), Wireless LAN RF ICs, and Line Drivers (Part 4 of 4)

The last in this series of four articles, today I’d like to talk about reverse power feed (RPF), wirless LAN RF ICs, and line drivers as related to the connected home. Read more »

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Maggie Ford |

The Connected Home: Delivering the Right Connectivity Solutions for Voice, Data, and Power (Part 3 of 4)

Third in this series of articles, I’d like to share information today on voice line circuits and Power over Ethernet (PoE) as related to enabling the connected home. Read more »

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David Sng | July 12, 2018

Network-Based Time Delivery for 5G: Low Latency, Scalable Synchronization in Highly

In the past couple of articles in this series, my colleague, Barry Dropping, wrote about wireless networks, specifically laying the groundwork for 5G and the standards for distribution of time and phase in these networks. Read more »

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Jim Olsen | July 10, 2018

Standards for Distribution of Time and Phase in 5G Wireless Networks

In my last post, I wrote about the source of synchronization in wireless networks and laid the groundwork for 5G. In this article, I’m going to highlight Read more »

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Barry Dropping | July 9, 2018

Source of Synchronization in Wireless Networks: Laying the Groundwork for 5G

Along with my Microsemi colleague, Jim Olsen, we were recently the guest speakers on an RCR Wireless News webinar speaking on 5G network densification and ways to prepare your timing architecture. Read more »

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Barry Dropping | July 6, 2018